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Business study case Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business - Case Study Example Google Incorporation’s working framework. Also, the organization had been perceived to be among the main five producers of cell phone around the world. The organization had confronted numerous difficulties from other cell phone producing organizations which incorporate Nokia, Samsung just as Apple among others (Yoffie, Alcacer and Kim, â€Å"HTC Corp. in 2012†). From the gave case, it has been perceived that Mr. Dwindle Chou is resolved to be a hero who is the CEO of HTC. Mr. Chou arranged with the top supervisory group to offer better cell phone items in the market with the goal of improving the money related execution just as seriousness of the organization. In such manner, the CEO is required to devise designs just as systems for separating its items with the goal of giving better rivalry to its business rivals in the market. The choices to be made in such manner were the significant worry for the CEO. HTC started the matter of assembling items through agreements since the year 2000 just as was isolated into two significant sections which incorporate unique plan producer (ODM) for marked organizations giving handset just as creating telephones which depend on remote system administrators. In such manner, HTC acted in an effective just as fruitful way. Mr. Chou had wiped out the bureaucratic structure of the organization with the goal of helping representatives of the organization to work their activities in a progressively community way. Later on, Mr. Chou had wanted to fabricate handsets with the brand name of the organization so as to develop its business on universal point of view. The main concern was as for monetary just as promoting viewpoints. In this specific circumstance, the organization had intended to create inventive and quality items for giving better serious items in the different market portions. The organization had worked together with Google Android just as with Microsoft to contend in the market

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Industrial Relations Practices Essay

This part looks to audit the contemplations of different specialists on mechanical relations rehearses in state claimed associations. The intention is to have a reference as far as what others accept and see comparable to mechanical connection and its practices in state claimed associations utilizing Ghana as a contextual investigation. State-Business Relations and Economic Performance in Ghana by Charles Ackah, Ernest Aryeetey, Joseph Ayee and Ezekiel Clottey In their official synopsis, Charles Ackah, Ernest Aryeetey, Joseph Ayee and Ezekiel Clottey, discussed the way that connection between the state and business network in Ghana had changed since autonomy. Despite the fact that every legislature has had unmistakable relations with business and private divisions, non military personnel governments have by and large advanced and appreciated great compatibility with the business network while military governments particularly during the 1980s have would in general have encounters with the private area. Their investigation utilized a multi-disciplinary methodology that included both subjective and quantitative parts of the controls of political theory, financial matters, history, human science and authoritative administration. They were looking to comprehend what comprises powerful state-business relations, and to evaluate how state-business relations are identified with financial execution, their investigation depended on authentic institutionalist inductive hypotheses near verifiable examination and way reliance, among others. For their investigation, their examination depended on both essential information, from interviews with chosen formal and casual undertakings and administrative offices inside Ghana, and their optional information were gotten from a survey of legal writing, for example, the Constitution of Ghana, Acts of Parliament, Statutes, Codes, Contracts, rules and methodology and shows building up organizations. Their motivation was to look at the attributes of formal and casual guidelines and guidelines overseeing the foundation and activity of remote and indigenous organizations, how these have developed after some time and how they may have affected financial execution. For their quantitative financial examination, their investigation utilized a board of 256 Ghanaian assembling firms over the period 1991-2002 to dissect the degree to which a successful state-business relationship is valuable to monetary execution. Concentrating on all out factor efficiency, they discovered that a successful State Business Relations (SBR) or a sound speculation atmosphere corresponds decidedly with better firm execution, perhaps diverted by means of a progressively ideal portion of assets in the economy. Concerning the impact of the speculation atmosphere pointers, their outcomes demonstrated that a ‘unfriendly’ venture atmosphere represented through firms’ recognitions about financial and administrative strategy vulnerability influencing their tasks and development are adversely related with profitability. Concerning the SBR measures, they found that interpersonal organizations as demonstrated through the degree to which firms or their supervisors include close contacts inside the administration or administration had a measurably constructive connection with firm execution. Their outcomes showed that being all around associated with the individuals who make and execute government approach expands the odds of having the option to campaign to beat a portion of the challenges standing up to typical business undertakings, for example, the quantity of techniques it takes to get licenses and allows and the quantity of days it takes to clear imported products from the port. Account examination of state organizations and Private Enterprises Foundation’s impression of SBRs in Ghana from 1992 to 2008 which additionally matches and reaches out past the time of econometric investigation of SBRs on firm execution affirms the outcomes talked about above. Both state and BAs concede to a move from a transcendently impromptu and casual clientelistic relationship to a progressively formal and synergistic SBRs in Ghana since 1992. Formal and regularized gatherings between state organizations and organizations have decidedly affected on firm efficiency. They finish up for example, PEF’s formal support job and capacity brought about the utilization of GCNET to speed up freeing from imported products. Business worries of firms are diverted all the more regularly through formal by BAs to state offices. Firms through their BAs make contributions to spending plan and other approach on formalized premise. In addition, solid conventional connection between the official and BAs, for example, the speculators warning board have helped firms remain near government and administration. Generally, their discoveries add to understanding that connect between a powerful state business relations and monetary execution. Their paper adds to the work done by Qureshi and te Velde (2007) by exploring the key determinants of firm execution and furthermore surveying the connection between a viable SBR and firm profitability in Ghana. The aftereffects of their investigation stress the requirement for an empowering domain for the private segment. Encounters from East and Southeast Asian economies have additionally demonstrated that venture and efficiency development fundamentally relies on a successful and lively private division supported by a sound speculation atmosphere. Advancing a sound venture atmosphere is one of the center obligations of the state in both created and creating nations to accomplish quick capital gathering and continued development and destitution decrease. Markets are acceptable yet are not without blemishes. In this way, all together for disparities in wages and openings not to be exacerbated by the business sectors, it is significant that the numerous imperatives that restrain the private segment from reacting adequately to advertise motivating forces are evacuated, supplemented with an expanded viability of government association in supporting private segment exercises. Aside from the constructive outcome of SBRs on financial execution, the other exercise which can be drawn from their paper is that despite the fact that progressive governments in Ghana have demonstrated some responsibility to supporting a feasible private division that dedication has, simultaneously, been subverted by governments’ own dread of a solid private area going about as a countervailing power and along these lines debilitating their restraining infrastructure over neo-patrimonialism. Subsequently, the responsibility might be viewed as an advertising scam. A compelling SBR in Ghana requires continued formalized political pledge to strategies that considers the to be division as an impetus and initiator of ace poor development and improvement. In their Introduction, they called attention to various hypothetical models which gives many convincing reasons why viable SBRs would animate monetary development and destitution decrease. Monetary development has been a significant subject of conversation in pretty much every economy for an exceptionally lengthy timespan. Past research has discovered consistent increments in venture and efficiency to be essential to a country’s since a long time ago run financial development and destitution decrease. Encounters from East and Southeast Asian economies have likewise indicated that speculation and efficiency development fundamentally depend on a viable and dynamic private division supported by a sound venture atmosphere. Advancing a sound venture atmosphere is one of the center obligations of the state in both created and creating nations to accomplish fast capital collection and continued development and destitution decrease. The financial change programs presented in many creating nations during the 1980’s focused on the requirement for an auspicious empowering condition for the private division. At first there were exclusive requirements that a bundle of macroeconomic changes (‘getting the costs right’) would give speedy profits as far as monetary development. There has been developing frustration with the development record in many creating nations. Expanded globalization and exchange progression have prompted an acknowledgment of the tremendous potential for the private part yet has likewise prompted an extensive move in the connection between people in general and private segment entertainers. Exactly, the size and job of the private area is plainly advancing with globalization. Some high-development countries have depended on business sectors to dispense assets. Markets, be that as it may, are not without blemishes. Furthermore, all together for disparities in salaries and openings not to be exacerbated by the business sectors, it is significant that the numerous limitations that repress the poor from reacting viably to showcase motivating forces are evacuated. A well-working business sector framework, supported by solid organizations, with sufficient assurance of scholarly and physical property rights, and ‘smart’ intercessions by the state, gives an empowering domain to organizations and people to enhance, contend and make an incentive for all. This exemplifies the fundamental significance of comprehensive development, I. e. , making monetary open doors through manageable development and making the open doors accessible to all including poor people. The connection between the state and business in fashioning monetary development and advancement has been a suffering zone of research for the two financial analysts and political specialists since the Industrial Revolution of the seventeenth Century. Writing and research discoveries have stressed both the positive and negative jobs of the state in advancing markets and financial turns of events. By the mid 1980s, numerous interventionist states had been decided to have bombed in their journey to legitimately advance monetary turn of events. The open part in many states turned out to be large and over the top, while government control of financial exercises was counterproductive as valuing and appropriations supported the urban few. Among creating nations, Import Substitution Industrialization (ISI) misallocated assets, disheartened fares and restricted importation or move of much required innovation (Kohli, 2000). Very as opposed to the neo-liberal monetary perspectives held by most universal advancement organizations that state

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Mentoring and Leadership Overemphasized Business

Question: Talk about the Mentoring and Leadership for Overemphasized Business. Answer: The significance of tutoring in life can't be overemphasized, and it is obviously that everybody requires a savvy and confided in guide to prepare him, and to build up his possibilities for sometime later. In any case, social, generational, ethnical or sexual differentiations between a coach and a mentee may make obstructions of correspondence, which thus may strongly affect the tutor mentee relationship. I accept that while differentiations of any sort may debilitate the improvement of an ideal connection between a guide and a mentee in the essential level, I accept with the rise of globalization, the annihilation of such qualifications has prompted an increasingly comprehensive, and more extensive standpoint towards the coach mentee connection. A coach is a person who is intended to guide, and advice a less experienced, and less learned individual, and as long as he has the ability to share his insight and thoughts, and a constructive, understanding disposition to help his mentee develop, such socio-social qualifications don't hold any significance. In spite of the fact that the man centric belief system constrains one to accept that men are increasingly able to prepare and build up the abilities of a mentee, I accept that ladies have more prominent instinct, shrewdness and perseverance power, important to sustain the aptitudes of the learner. Despite the fact that, age is a signifi cant factor while coaching understudies, I will not accept that experience can decide the astuteness and profundity of information on a person. On the off chance that a youthful coach is a profoundly qualified master, having essential mastery and aptitudes, I don't accept there is any motivation behind why he will be any less worthy among the mentees than an old guide. Most definitely, I believe that individuals are regularly pre-arranged to imagine that the coach having a place with an alternate race, or culture, may not be capable, or may have an alternate method for conveying information. Be that as it may, it is essential to note here that since a dark head has become a president, or a dark lady like Oprah has achieved distinction short-term, countless individuals have defeated racial and ethnic preference (Morris Grant, 2012). In any case, I concur with Pawanti, on the point that dark tutors can be progressively disposed to support and guide a male mentee, instead of a white one (Thomas et al., 1990). In any case, I don't discover Timogs point pleasing, as I don't feel that closeness of race and ethnicity is a significant factor the mentees watch out in a guide (Rhodes et al., 2014). I have been prepared in correspondence expertise by a dark mama, and we didn't share anything for all intents and purpose undoubtedly, but then I took in a great deal from him, essentially on the grounds that he moved such a great amount of information to me. Race can't decide the degree to which a tutor practices sway on the mentee, as the improvement of their connection exclusively relies upon the information and relational abilities of the coach (Rhodes et al., 2014). I concur with Jeff that in the event of a male coach, the mentee is generally urged to expertly create himself, while a female tutor is normally centered arou nd sustaining the natural estimations of the mentee (Fowler et al., 2007). During my school days, I was being educated by a female instructor, and she was generally such a great amount of concentrated on helping me get familiar with the guiding principle and significant standards, that she normally couldn't assist me with completing my exercises. Reference List: Fowler, J.; Gudmundsson, A. O'Gorman, J. (2007). The Relationship between Mentee-Mentor Gender Combination and the Provision of Distinct Mentoring Functions.Women in Management Review, 22(8), 666-681. DOI: 10.1108/09649420710836335 Morris, Z., Grant, A. (2012). Be a decent mentor.Education for Primary Care,23(1), 56-58. Rhodes, J. E., Schwartz, S. E., Willis, M. M., Wu, M. B. (2014). Approving a Mentoring Relationship Quality Scale: Does Match Strength Predict Match Length?.Youth Society, 0044118X14531604. Thomas, D.A. (1990).Journal of authoritative Behavior. The effect of race on administrators experiencesof formative connections (coaching and sponsorships):An intra authoritative investigation. Recovered

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Sample of a Term Paper - the Story

Sample of a Term Paper - the Story It's quite helpful to go through a good example term paper, or two, before you commence writing your own, especially, if they're related or have similar topics. Before beginning writing your introduction, you should discover what you would like your term paper to say. Your thesis needs to be expressed in a manner that may be proven either true or false. It is essential to begin with an interesting and viable thesis. How to Choose Sample of a Term Paper Otherwise, you can elect for samples above in addition to check our tips. Nevertheless, there's no peer review of the internet. You make a different cover page. With our customized essay offer, you can be certain to find any essay help you're looking for. Needless to say, to make a great program, you are going to have to decide on a topic initially and narrow it down not to get overwhelmed with materials out there. Thus, your organizational skills will be required. An excellent news in t he event the instructor assigns a specific topic. The Upside to Sample of a Term Paper You may also check on the characteristic of the greatest topic for term paper to get to understand the sort of professional services that we're speaking about. Finally, your complete satisfaction has become the most important thing. 1 reason you will be searching for a term paper outline sample is to try to save you a bit of moment. If you are able to spare the moment, set your essay aside for a few days. What You Don't Know About Sample of a Term Paper For that reason, it's so important to understand how to make an outline for a term paper because it will act as a framework or draft to rely on. Probably, you're supplied a particular topic for your term paper. Think if it is going to bring you anywhere as you write your term paper. A term paper is vital when it has to do with your final mark. Term Paper is among the most significant writing tasks. Term papers are some of the the most frequent essay types you should take care of. What You Don't Know About Sample of a Term Paper You can also state what kind of approach it is you'll use in your paper for the whole discussion of your topic. Reading through a couple such samples will enable you to comprehend the key guidelines for term paper writing. Our experienced academic writing experts will supply you with quality assured writing help for many of your term paper requirements. You will need to do the research and browse tons of online magazines and articles to generate enough info. Definitions of Sample of a Term Paper Let another person read your essay. The most important thing here is that they ought to be functional and provide you a better knowledge of the way to structure the draft and ultimately the paper itself. The idea is to pick a topic you're good at. After you've already decided what topic you're goin g to be writing about, the following thing you need to pay attention to is the reach of your paper or what you're going to be including in your discussion. By narrowing your thesis to a particular time and place, you've made an argument you'll be able to prove or disprove utilizing the info found in your research. The principal parts should incorporate an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. By comparison, it's the logical results of my previous experiences. Let our experts advise you exactly what point of view is able to help you score the greatest possible grade for the assignment. A polycentric oriented company on the opposite hand will tailor its strategic plan to coincide with the market it operates. To illustrate all the concerns and previously provided comments, you are able to look through some of the most obvious benefits of our company. An identification of a corporation's SWOT in addition to its mission helps managers produce strategic alternatives which are we ll suited for the organization. The second phase of the strategic management method is strategy formulation. What Does Sample of a Term Paper Mean? From a good example term paper, you're able to learn many essential things. A great way to begin is by making a compelling and creative title. When you've researched on a particular topic, you're expected to use a particular citation style. There are lots of paper templates to pick from, but the majority of the time your instructor will require a particular format for the entire class to follow. The Upside to Sample of a Term Paper A term paper is a particular sort of a research paper that's typically assigned at the conclusion of high-school education class. Without focus, papers typically do not flow well and are more difficult to read and understand. The MLA format stipulates the vital guidelines for effectively writing an essay based on the MLA standards. By the conclusion of each semester, you are going to be assigned a lot of complex tasks, and term papers will certainly be among them. What's more, it is possible to even handpick which of our writers you prefer to do the job for you. Not just that, but you can even benefit from the absolutely free revisions that we offer in order to be one hundred percent satisfied with each of the work that's produced to you. For those who haven't any yet, then it is going to be better for you to hunt for any examples and samples of works to comprehend the method by which the work needs to be completed and formatted.

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The Developmental Process Of Adolescence - 1674 Words

In the developmental process of adolescence, there are said to be 12 â€Å"labors† in this coming of age experience. Among these are forming a family of friends, separating from childhood, and paying freedom’s price. Growing up in a wartime environment affects the change in adolescents in near drastic measures. You can see these effects with 3 young adults, Ellie Wiessel (author of Night,) Anne Frank (author of The Diary of Anne Frank), and Jeanne Wakutsuki (partial author of Farewell to Manzanar), that complicate their coming of age story. This is due to the added stress and anxiety caused by the war outside their windows, their compromised living conditions with less outside-of-family or positive interactions which speed up and distorted realizations about family and the divine, and the disruption of the natural process of somewhat reckless and wild behavior because of the strict rules and regimens they need to follow. Also, the already amplified self- consciousness i s further magnified because of the extraneous situations with cramped living and monotonous situations, along with the survivors guilt. With the ongoing apprehension of the war outside their window, the unease due to the process of maturation only adds to this fear. On October 29, 1943, Anne confides to Kitty, Outside, you don t hear a single bird, and a deathly, oppressive silence hangs over the house and clings to me as if it were going to drag me into the deepest regions of the underworld.... I wander fromShow MoreRelatedBecoming A New Parent Can Be One Of The Hardest Yet Rewarding1428 Words   |  6 Pagesmost important responsibility that you have. Quickly will you realize that there are endless factors that can affect the psychological development of your children especially at the significant stage of mental human growth and development known as adolescence. Having so many forms of communication, the most popular of these are social media and texting. Now, as humans, if we do too much of anything, it obviously cannot be healthy for us; However, the situation is even more dire because this is suchRead MoreEss ay on Developmental Issues That Come with Emerging Adulthood901 Words   |  4 PagesTopic- Developmental issues that come with emerging adulthood (Transition from adolescence to young adulthood) Adolescence is the transitional period in a persons life time that links childhood and adulthood. The factors that influence development during adolescence include genetic/biological and environmental/social. There are many developmental issues that take place during the transition from an adolescent to a young adult. The issues of emerging adulthood(18-25) are characterized by new experiencesRead MoreAdolescent And Their Concept Of Self1584 Words   |  7 PagesAdolescence is a time when one breaks away from the sheltering they have been accustomed to as a child, and there is a great sense of maturing as they prepare for adulthood. It is during this time, between 12 and 18 years of age, when dynamic changes occur. Adolescents not only experience profound physical change during this period – they also undergo a revolution in the way they think. This essay focuses on the adolescent and their concept of self, with a discussion of the predictable and unpredictableRead MoreAdole scence : Literature Review1463 Words   |  6 PagesAdolescence is a time period when a child is trying to become its own person and eventually an adult. It’s a time period when a lot of changes are occurring. Whether it’s through their education moving from middle school to high school or changes within their brain as they age. Adolescents are going through puberty, hormonal changes and experimenting with different social groups within their society. The culture and the social aspects of a society can shape an adolescent into an adult, whether itRead MoreHuman, Social, And Moral Development1669 Words   |  7 PagesThe most effective prevention programs take a lifespan approach and consider developmental knowledge and theories throughout planning, activity selection, and implementation. While prevention and intervention efforts are important during all stages of life, they are especially important during childhood and adolescence, when risk factors may be more eas ily avoided and protective factors can be established that may last a lifetime (Cohen, ChaÃŒ vez, Chehimi, 2007). Brain, human, social, and moralRead MorePiaget s Theory Of Experiential Learning1481 Words   |  6 PagesIn this childhood developmental study, a comparative analysis of the theories of Lee Vygotsky, Jean Piaget, and Howard Gardner will be evaluated through the lens of experiential learning. Through Vygotsky’s realization of the childhood learning through â€Å"hands-on† experience (experiential learning), the cultural and socioeconomic factors defines the progress a child makes in the individual progression towards growth in the educational system. Piaget beheld similar views on experiential learning inRead MoreDevelopmental Psychology : Cognitive And Social Change Essay1210 Words   |  5 PagesDevelopmental psychology is a branch of the study that characterizes the human life span through physical, cognitive and social change. A human goes through three distinct life span stages, including infancy and childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The study of developmental psychology focuses on three major issues starting with nature and nurture, which deals with interactions between genetic inheritance and experiences to alter human development (Myers Dewall, 2015). The second issue is theRead MoreAdolescence : Everything Changes? Essay1199 Words   |  5 PagesAdolescence: Everything Changes Adolescence is a transitional stage of development that has been defined as starting with puberty and lasting the years a person is roughly aged ten to twenty. Dramatic changes take place during adolescence; no other time period of a person’s life except infancy contains so much development into such a short time span. Puberty has historically been viewed as the starting point of adolescence and several factors play a role in determining the timing of puberty suchRead MoreAdolescence Is A Transitional Period Of Physical And Psychological Development1313 Words   |  6 PagesAdolescence is a transitional period of physical and psychological development, occurring during the period from puberty to adulthood. It is the time that is marked by several vital exploratory developmental experiences including, identity formation, development and growth. During this period adolescents are in the process of furthering social relationships, of finding their place in society, and of makin g important choices for their future lives. While it’s a time for tremendous growth and potentialRead MoreLaub and Sampson’s Age-Graded Theory of Informal Social Control1013 Words   |  5 PagesPlenty of children engage in rough-and-tough play and may be a little mischievous from time to time. As they grow into adolescence, they may start committing crimes and get in trouble with the law, but most of these individuals outgrow their behavior and stop offending. What makes individuals persist or desist from crime? What are the key causal factors and mechanisms that help this behavior desist? An in-depth synthesis of John Laub and Robert Sampson’s theory of age-graded informal social control

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How the Negative and Positive Impacts of Love Are Explored...

The negative and positive impacts of love are explored using various main characters in the play ‘Much ado About Nothing’. The play was written by Shakespeare in the Elizabethan era and therefore love was portrayed in a very different way, they would have seen a woman as less important in a relationship; in this era however we have very different views and see both genders as equal. Consequently as the play progresses the Elizabethan audience would relate a lot more to the courtly love that Hero and Claudio comprise. The more unconventional relationship between Beatrice and Benedick may relate more to the relationships in this day and age. The strongest bond of love is between Beatrice and Benedick due to their cerebral relationship, a†¦show more content†¦This idea of being cheated on and experiencing a negative impact of love is similar to an idea the poem ‘Ballad’ when it says ‘He has two hearts and I have none’. Beatrice says Ã¢â‚¬Ë œa double heart for his single one’. Both of these women had their heart stolen by a man that they thought loved them, they gave away their hearts but did not get anything in return; Beatrice now has a bitter attitude towards both Benedick and love in general. She is also however independent enough to fight her own battles. The second semantic field she uses is about war and fighting. First of all she lacks confidence that he was any help in the war, expressed by the quotes: ‘I pray you, how many hath he killed and eaten in theses wars? But how many hath he killed?’ and ‘what is he to a lord?’ These propose that she thinks he is worthless to the Prince and to the war. She mocks him and says ‘he is a very valiant trencherman’ just because he has a strong stomach and can eat anything. She continues to wound him with insults at the masked ball where she says Benedick is ‘the prince’s jester, a very dull fool’. She does n ot want to be seen as less important just because she is a woman, she expresses her views blatantly. An Elizabethan audience would have seen this as very unusual and un-ladylike for a woman, she is not the typical quiet and modest person that she may have been expected to be considering she had an uncle of quite a highShow MoreRelated_x000C_Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis355457 Words   |  1422 Pageswritten permission of the publisher. Thomson Higher Education 10 Davis Drive Belmont, CA 94002-3098 USA For more information about our products, contact us at: Thomson Learning Academic Resource Center 1-800-423-0563 For permission to use material from this text or product, submit a request online at Any additional questions about permissions can be submitted by e-mail to Printed in the United States of America 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 11 10

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Muddled Images free essay sample

As I step from the plane, the familiar scent of  ­cigarette smoke and car exhaust washes over me. The smell signifies summers distinct from those spent in America. Here there is no day camp or summer reading; instead there is both familiarity and exoticism, the promise of a new experience every day. Sometime during the 10-hour flight, the straight-cut lines of southwestern Connecticut transformed into the sights I see before me: a place where skyscrapers and pyramids, camels and taxicabs are seamlessly  ­enveloped in the bright-orange sky of the Sahara. I imagine that if someone were to peer inside my mind they would be confronted with an image similar to this one – two distinct worlds blending into one yet somehow retaining a separate and individual character. My hyphenated existence as an Egyptian-American has been an experience, to say the least. I often find myself struggling to fit within the traditional definitions of race and have found that many people wish to define me through labels like black, white, Hispanic, and Asian; replacing my cultural heritage and identity with simple colors and inaccurate descriptions. We will write a custom essay sample on Muddled Images or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Upon discovering my ethnic origins, they ask a barrage of questions on ancient Egyptian culture (which I know nothing about) or the loaded question â€Å"What exactly are you?† The Egyptian race is a mix of African, European, Arab, and Asian influences. Egyptians come in many skin tones, hair textures, eye colors, religions, and political views. I suppose this diversity is why, although I’ve lived in America my entire life, I never fully understood the importance of diversity and its cultural ramifications until I started high school. Unknown to me, I was entering a world of self-segregation – in which there were â€Å"black† and â€Å"white†  ­cafeterias. Individuals were categorized on the basis of whom they associated with. My classmates segregated themselves, disregarding the diversity that surrounded them. It was in this environment that my â€Å"Egyptian-ness† became an asset, enabling me to interact with all of my classmates, not just those who were similar, because in actuality I was similar to no one. Each peer gave me a new vantage point from which to view the world around me. Through these experiences I learned more about myself, and in the process discovered my passion for psychology. In time, I came to see my diversity, and the unrelenting questions that come with it, as a tool with which I could educate. My mind may be muddled with images of exotic and not-so-exotic places, but it offers me a clear and realistic view of the diversity and opportunities to learn in the world. I can only imagine all the interesting people I will meet in college and their reaction when I tell them, â€Å"Yes, I am an Egyptian.†